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Petzl International Rope Access Competition

Salt Lake City, Utah

The Petzl International Ropetrip is a gathering of the best and brightest rope access technicians in the world. Petzl designs several days of intense challenges for competitors.

Beyond a competition it's an opportunity to learn from others. New techniques and equipment is showcased while knowledge is shared from around the globe.

Bryan competed in 2016 with a mixed team of international members from USA and Sweden. In addition to his team events, he competed as an individual in "Waterworld," a precision-based competition involving climbing through a 45 minute long ropes course while carrying a 3 gallon bucket of water filled to the top with no lid. Whoever has the most water at the end wins! Bryan was the highest scoring American in the event and narrowly missed the top 10 in the world, coming in 11th place.

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