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A wet spring with Portland Custom Carpentry!

Updated: Jan 21

The wettest April ever!? Can you believe this weather!? By this time last year we had 80 degree temps and were already eating salad from our garden. This year we had a massive snow storm, relentless poundings from hail, and 5.6 inches of rain. Of course, we planned nearly all of our exterior projects to take place this spring and it's been nutty trying to fight through the weather. Hopefully sunshine and blue skies are right around the corner! We still knocked out a bunch of exciting projects to share with you and have more to come.

Oversized closet to media center conversion!

This definitely falls into the category of favorite projects we've done in a while. Previously this was a plain white closet with 4 bypass doors. We removed the doors, altered the framing, and made a run for it with this walnut! The left side has base cabinets and a shallower depth that allows it to work perfectly as an entertainment center. The right side has a custom barn door and a smaller closet that is perfect for guests! Let's do more of these!

Kitchen nook seating and storage upgrade!

This is another exciting project that we did this spring. This cute little kitchen with gorgeous bay windows needed a storage upgrade that wouldn't impose upon the rest of the space. After design and layout was locked in we built these awesome storage builtins! They are set at a super comfy height that works with or without cushions and will be getting finished with a coat of paint and some custom pads this summer. We can't wait to see the final images!

1905 ceiling restoration and builtins!?

I wish I could show everyone how exciting it was to work in such a gorgeous old home. There is a TON of potential in this old gem and there's a lot of restoration work to be done. We came in to repair/replace the coffered ceiling where the asbestos team had to tear it out. I won't lie, this was a hard job with challenging air quality issues and a cramped work space BUT it was totally worth it. The ceiling looks great and we also added a set of builtins upstairs to cover up additional damaged areas. We definitely look forward to getting back to this job site for future projects!

Yard furniture!

What happens when the snow, hail, and rain wont stop and you can't work outside? Well you head to the shop and start building furniture out of scraps of course! I have way too many cedar and juniper cutoffs laying around so I went to work on making a few items for gifts and for my own backyard this summer. I'm currently developing my own line of yard, lounge, and dining chairs/tables so stay in touch if you are interested in any of those!

Coming Up! We of course continue to have more work on the horizon!

  • Multiple builtin and closet upgrades.

  • Full house door and trim replacement.

  • Custom juniper storage shed.

  • Kitchen remodels.

  • White oak single tree salvage TV cabinet.

  • Surfboard inspired coffee table to be built and donated for auction to support Project Koru at the Kiteboard for Cancer event.

I could keep listing them all but I think you get the picture, there's a lot of exciting work still coming up! Last, the contest... We are still accepting applications! All year long, we'll be accepting applications for at least one piece of custom furniture to be built free of labor cost. You're responsible for the materials and I'll provide the labor! How do you participate? Send me an e-mail at: with your idea and some concept photos/sketches. A few guidelines to help with successful applications: 1. No paint. Sorry! This is all about the wood! 2. Original/unique ideas. If you've seen something online that you like, that's great! Please send those photos, but also put your own unique style into it. I don't want to simply copy a piece you found online. Let's harvest some original designs to get you a completely custom piece! 3. The only finish I'll be using is called Rubio Monocoat. It's a hardwax oil that is non-toxic, easy to maintain, and quite durable. It does have some color options, but plan for the natural beauty of the wood to be enhanced, not dramatically changed. 4. Thank you for reading this far and please send me your ideas! Stay warm and stay healthy. Until the next build, Bryan Hall - Owner/Carpenter

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