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Kitchens, barn doors, and furniture. What's next!?

We hope you all have had an amazing winter and got the most out of our historic snow this year. Our shop has stayed busy and here's some of our highlighted projects for over the last few months.

One of a kind barn door:

We've installed more than our fair share of barn doors over the years, but getting to build a custom one is a real treat. Last fall a client reached out to us needing to close off a large opening into their home office and a traditional door that was 50" wide didn't seem like the right choice. We started with a basic design, and continued to layer details and tweaked the wood type until we came up with a truly amazing piece. A herringbone patterned barn door made out of local figured maple and surprisingly colored with chocolate and mahogany rubio monocoat. The idea sounds just as wild as the grain patterns in this wood! Hands down this is the most beautiful barn door we've ever made and we will definitely not be shying away from this special wood and color in the future.

Media Console from the Gaston, OR Tree:

Back in fall of 2021 we had a huge project involving a bunch of wood that all came from a tree in Gaston. It fell naturally and the owner milled it, cured it, and had us build a full accent wall, bookshelves, a few pieces of furniture, and even a few holiday gifts. We've got a few more projects in store for this wood and the first of which is this character filled media console. We don't get to work with white oak that looks this way very often, and this was all originally milled as flooring. We reverse milled it back into boards and finished it with natural oils. The result is a one of a kind focal point for the home with a great back story!

White Oak Kitchen Remodel:

One of our most recent builds was a rift sawn white oak kitchen remodel. These clients customized nearly every aspect of their kitchen to make their forever home exactly what they wanted. Riftsawn (linear grain) base cabinets, floating shelves, and a cute walnut coffee bar look clean and tidy in this modern kitchen!

Upcoming Projects:

The rest of the year is going to be amazing! Here's a glimpse of what's to come.

Figured maple and stained glass kitchen.

White oak and painted black kitchen.

Red oak library with chocolate finish and a rolling ladder.

Cherry record storage with accent woods.

Walnut builtins.

White oak builtins.

A collection of unique pieces all made from local wood.

Interested in getting on the books for your project? Let us know!

Until the next build,

Bryan and Sheena

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