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Portland Custom Carpentry Winter 2021/2022 Newsletter!

Winter is Underway! Fall came and went faster than we could have ever imagined and here we are well into the winter season with another update from the woodshop! Our fall and early winter projects have been absolutely amazing. We've had some stunning builds for excellent clients, which is exactly the kind of work we love. Sheena and I also got married! We've been anxiously waiting for COVID to end and finally said to heck with it. We eloped to the coast on a sunny winter solstice day and shared our vows on one of our favorite beaches. Shop Pup made sure she was a part of the ceremony by bringing every stick she could find up to use while we shared our moment. Thank you to everyone who's supported us over the last 4.5 years. You're supporting a family-owned and operated business and we greatly appreciate it! And now... time for the fall project review!

Small but mighty kitchen renovation! One of our longstanding clients came to us with a kitchen idea that we absolutely had to jump on. This little kitchen got a fresh look with cherry soffits, shelving, and accent wall. We installed a gorgeous new juniper butcher block counter that looks richer with every passing day. Last, we installed all of the new cabinets for them and love the way it looks as well as how it changed the feel of the space!

Kitchen renovation with new green cabinets, juniper butcher block counter, cherry accent wall and cherry shelving.

Single tree white oak accent wall, shelving, and storage bench! This project is another to be remembered. A new client came to us with a huge pile of white oak flooring. It all came from a single tree that fell on her farm years ago! It was exciting to transform the flooring into wall cladding, shelving, and a storage bench. All hand oiled as well!

A full wall covered with white oak flooring. White oak shelving with black brackets have also been added. Last, a white oak storage bench was built to match. All of this wood came from a single tree in Gaston, OR.

Writers nook, catio, backyard sleep space! For two years this new client searched for someone to build her dream space in the backyard! We were more than happy to take on such a unique project. Big enough for a bed and small workspace, they plan to let their imagination soar while keeping their kitty safe and sound. Cedar with an oil finish for a classic PNW look!

This is a writers nook, catio, daybed made completely of cedar. It sits off the ground on pressure treated lumber and is enclosed in hardware cloth to keep pets in and rodents out. There is also a famous Banksy painting on the fence behind it.

Walnut Nightstands. This set of walnut nightstands was a special request by one of our repeat clients. They already had a lovely walnut headboard and wanted something nice to keep their books and drinks by the bed. A collaborative design between the clients and myself brought about a unique piece that fit all of their needs perfectly.

This is a custom walnut nightstand. Riftsawn grain on top with a drawer on the bottom half.

Coming Up! The next few months are packed with several kitchen remodels, breakfast nooks, built-ins, bathroom vanities, a 1905 coffered ceiling restoration, SUV cabinets, and if we can ever have some down time at home I'd love to build a deck and patio cover for my backyard. We've also taken the initiative to rent a storage space and are purchasing materials now, for projects months in advance. No crazy price changes will be sneaking up on our customers! Last, the contest... Traditionally I've given away coasters or cutting boards on a quarterly basis as a thank you for staying tuned in to the newsletter. However, I've decided to spice things up a bit. All year long, we'll be accepting applications for at least one piece of custom furniture to be built free of labor cost. You're responsible for the materials and I'll provide the labor! How do you participate? Send me an e-mail at: with your idea and some concept photos/sketches. A few guidelines to help with successful applications: 1. No paint. Sorry! This is all about the wood! 2. Original/unique ideas. If you've seen something online that you like, that's great! Please send those photos, but also put your own unique style into it. I don't want to simply copy a piece you found online. Let's harvest some original designs to get you a completely custom piece! 3. The only finish I'll be using is called Rubio Monocoat. It's a hardwax oil that is non-toxic, easy to maintain, and quite durable. It does have some color options, but plan for the natural beauty of the wood to be enhanced, not dramatically changed. 4. Thank you for reading this far and please send me your ideas! Stay warm and stay healthy. Until the next build, Bryan Hall - Owner/Carpenter

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