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Summer 2021 Newsletter!

What a Summer! Life on the job site has carried along as well as it could during the wild summer of 2021. All time high temperatures pushed us well beyond our working limit and we had to take a pause from time to time to soak in the river. We hope you did too! The only thing rising faster than the temperatures this year seemed to be lumber prices. Fortunately, we have strong relationships with several different vendors and all of our customers have enjoyed getting their projects completed without having their prices raised. Already, we're seeing prices fall and we're looking forward to a return to normal in the near future. Our projects ranged from custom exterior cedar based projects to some lovely hardwood custom work on the interior of homes. Check out our featured projects below to see a few pictures. Fall Plans The next few months are filled with fantastic projects: fireplace builtins with a custom mantle; bookcases and cabinetry of all shapes and sizes; as well as nightstands, coffee tables, and a new dining table. We're very excited to settle in to the shop for the rainy months and build some beautiful new pieces to share with you all! If you are in need of holiday gift ideas, such as a cutting board or some custom work completed to upgrade your home before the end of the year, let us know and we'll get you on the schedule! Featured Projects - Photos Below! First off, we have a shot of Bryan hard at work in the shop. He's building a beautiful set of red oak storage benches that are getting installed soon. Check our Instagram in days to come to see the finished photos!

Bryan hard at work building a set of storage builtins. Red oak with an L shape to fit perfectly into a kitchen nook.

Second, is this lovely breakfast nook, table, and stool built for a family in NE Portland. What was once a challenging to use space has been transformed into the perfect family meal spot, homework corner, and of course, a little extra storage for home essentials. All of this was built to match their kitchen island and Bryan had a lot of help with the final touches by the families kiddos.

Super cute kitchen nook and dining table. Built-in storage benches with matching bead board to tie into the rest of the kitchen.

Last, but not least, is a photo from one of our first clients. They've always wanted hardwood stairs, and they wanted to upgrade their floors from old doug fir at the same time. We were in and out in a week and already have them on the books for a few more projects this fall!

Red oak hardwood stairs with hardwax oil finish. New click laminate flooring as well!

In Closing: As always, thank you so much for being the most important part of our business. We love building for you all, and always feel honored when considered for your projects. As we head into the fall, we hope you find as much time as possible to spend with your friends and family. If we can be of help in any way, don't hesitate to ask.


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