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Welcome to the blog!

Thanks for dropping in to the first ever post here at Rose City Ropes! I'll be covering a wide variety of topics here that include, but wont be limited to the following:

Hall Wood Shop Chronicles: What's going on in the shop? What builds are underway? I'll also be doing full breakdowns of some of my builds, detailing the struggles, and success's along the way.

Portland Custom Carpentry Job Site Updates: Unique and interesting jobs will be documented and shared on a deeper level so you can learn more.

Tool Reviews: I'm a huge fan of high quality tools. Many come and go in my shop as well as at job sites. I'll break down the details of the ones I love, and the ones I don't.

Built By Series: This blog will be a natural progression of my Built By Bryan posts found on Nextdoor. I also hope to invite other builders/makers to be showcased here from time to time.

Carpentry and Woodworking Progression: I'll be excited to share the blend of skills and experiences that makes me better with each project I take on.

Business Development and Updates: As a contractor who started their own business, I'll be sharing the opportunities, and pitfalls, that I believe are important for other business owners to know. I think this is also useful information for clients to see and hear about so they understand the intricacies and benefits of working with a licensed, bonded, insured, legitimate contractor.

That's it for my intro post! I'm very excited to share my experiences, writings, pictures, and ideas with you. Please let me know if you'd like to see posts on any specific subjects in the future. Don't forget to subscribe to the blog and our site mailing list so you will be eligible for our woodwork giveaways!

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