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End of Summer 2022 Update

Updated: Jan 21

I hope you all had an amazing summer and are ready for fall temps! It's been lovely working with the shop doors wide open, fresh air, sunshine, and lots of great projects coming together.

Normally we try to showcase some of the larger projects that were worked on, but this summer brought about the opportunity to do some great small projects mixed in with our traditional collection of built-ins and cabinetry build outs. This quarter will show off a few of the smaller, but equally rewarding projects that were completed.

A Collection of Coffee Tables:

Three coffee tables, each with their own unique spin. First, a reclaimed white oak coffee table. These staves were saved from stair treads and finished nicely with a neutral oil. No fancy design in the top, but a bit of flash provided by unique metal legs. Suitable indoors or as a covered outdoor piece.

Next, an experimental table with some gorgeous cherry. Beveled top and bottom edges, angled uprights, and a walnut stringer that ties through the entire piece.

Last, but not least, a walnut and bloodwood surfboard table. This one is especially unique, it relied upon working with the natural curvature and tension released by cutting wood. It has a very slight rocker to it, tons of figure, and triple bloodwood stringers that really shimmer in the right light with the satin oil finish.

Myrtlewood Built-in

Here's a one of a kind cabinet and shelving unit that added a touch more space for storage and display in this kitchen. Tons of character in the wood, custom purpleheart pulls, and a pure oil finish.

Shop Cabinets and Assembly Table

Whenever possible, shop upgrades go a long ways towards making life at work both more efficient, but also enjoyable. This assembly table and cabinet bank boasts 28 full depth drawers with a 4'x8' tabletop. It's also a blend of beauty and brawn. Bryan loved weaving the grain across the drawers and left the top raw, so that it can be worn down and replaced as the years go by. Wood types include rift sawn white oak, walnut, shedua, and black limba.

Coming Up

Fall bookings are already full and we're currently filling the winter calendar and even have a few spring bookings already. Here's what's on the books:

2 white oak and 2 maple kitchen remodels.

3 sets of custom furniture. Juniper, walnut, white oak.

4 built-in projects. Paint grade, ash, and maple.

1 custom barn door in mahogany and quilted maple.

Thanks for making it all the way to the end! If you've got another project in mind please feel free to reach out anytime. Your support keeps us going strong and we are eternally grateful.

Until the next build,

Bryan and Sheena

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